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Why Do A Background Investigation Or Background Check

Criminal Background CheckThe number of background investigations is growing. Here are some of the most common situations in which a background check is is used to verify information or uncover information not currently known.

First of all, a background investigation is a very common tool for employers, who may be interested in checking the authenticity of your past work history, your qualifications, and the general credibility of who you are as a potential employee. This commonly occurs when you’re applying for a job that requires a certain level of trust or a security clearance.

The purchase of firearms most often requires a criminal background check as part of the purchase to ensure firearms are not sold to someone who may not use them safely or legally.

Background investigations are also commonly used by a private investigator who may be hired by an individual, business or government to thoroughly check an individual’s past. Regardless of whether they’re been hired to uncover infidelity, locate a missing person, perform surveillance or track a cyber criminal – the techniques of background checking are universal.

These days, it’s possible for any member of the public to check some aspects of a person’s background from home. Many services online provide tools and databases to scour through marriage records, divorce records, birth certificates and death records.

While some of these services are primarily designed to help people learn more about their family tree – there’s no denying that many of them can help you research someone else’s life. In fact, many of them are marketed as tools to uncover cheating and infidelity. However, it can also be too easy to overstep legal privacy laws and cause significant legal trouble if discovered.

When it comes to in-depth background investigations, you should select a skilled and experienced private investigator, like our Jaye Mundy Investigations pros, who will typically employ a variety of sophisticated techniques to find the information you’re looking for.

These techniques can include: background record checks, surveillance, employment and banking verification, and even cyber investigation. When all of these techniques are used, it can be difficult for anyone to hide any aspect of his or her life from a professional surveillance expert.

Overall, it’s safe to say that background investigations are more common than most people think, and growing in number. if you have a need for a check, or you would like to discuss whether it can help you, and how much it will cost, call us for a free, private no-obligation consultation. Don’t try doing it yourself. The results may be confusing or inconclusive. Call us and rely on our pros to get it right.

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