Employee Theft

Employee Theft Is A Rapidly Growing Crime Problem The FBI reports that employee theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Recent reports have found that stealing by employees is increasing at a rate of fifteen percent annually.  It can be disastrous for a business and its bottom line. Sometimes theft by employees […]

Missing Person – What To Do First

Missing Person Or Persons – What To Do First Missing persons are adults, a spouse or a child who has not been seen by anyone that knows them for an extended period of time. This could be due to the person just hiding out, being a runaway or something bad could have happened, like a […]

Data Recovery

Data Recovery – A Forensic Data-Loss Life-Saver Losing data is one of the most painful things ever, especially when you lose important files on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Many individuals, businesses, nonprofits and government entities have suffered major losses after they could not recover their data. This is a common threat today, so […]

Lie Detection

Why And When To Use A Lie Detector Test In many legal cases, evidence is often not conclusive. The only possible way to find out the truth is through the use of a lie detection service called a polygraph. This test is used widely to solve issues of truthfulness in legal matters, and often when […]

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