Missing Person

How Is A Missing Person Or Runaway Defined? A missing person is a person, adult or child, who has disappeared, voluntarily or involuntarily. If you are unable to find the person immediately, contact the police. Don’t wait, especially if the person who is missing is vulnerable – a child or elderly, the person has a […]

Child Custody

A Child Custody Dispute Can Be An Emotional Battle It can be hard to deal rationally and logically with child custody. It is such an emotional issue for everyone involved. It can be brutally destructive and tear a family apart. Or it can be worked out with sensitivity, empathy and reason so that everyone can […]


Proving Infidelity, That A Spouse Is Cheating, Is Hard. Most of the time, marital infidelity is a strictly private matter. It’s sorted out behind closed doors with the guilty being punished by their spouse privately. Still, when it finds its way into the courts, proving marital unfaithfulness withdocumented, unbiased and credible evidence can be a […]

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