Child Custody

A Child Custody Dispute Can Be An Emotional Battle

fighting a child custody battle

It can be hard to deal rationally and logically with child custody. It is such an emotional issue for everyone involved. It can be brutally destructive and tear a family apart. Or it can be worked out with sensitivity, empathy and reason so that everyone can do just fine.

At the core of a custody dispute is the child or children. It is critical for spouses to be responsible and get it worked out right so that the harm to each child involved is minimized. That’s a difficult challenge when each spouse is emotional and afraid of an outcome to the dispute that he or she desperately wants to avoid.

A positive resolution of a custody dispute, to your satisfaction, begins with solid information documented by an unbiased party. It is so easy in such an emotional arena to base judgments on assumptions, half-truths, rumors, snippets of damning heresay, glances or unsubstantiated assertions. But none of this is EVIDENCE admissible in court.

Call us immediately at the first sign that cooperation is breaking down. Our experienced investigators can document evidence admissible in court, and support your lawyer in building a winnable case.

If you need a lawyer, look for one that is experienced with such child custody law cases and has a track record of success. You may also have to work with people in child protective services, so be sure that you have your home cleaned and everything in order to where you can show that you are responsible. If you indeed are capable of seeing your children more because you are sober and in a good position in life, a lawyer and the help of child protective services can usually make it happen.

Throughout this dispute, children must be dealt with carefully, because you don’t want them to have mental issues that come up now or later in life. You may need to get them into counseling at this point because, when you alter a parent and child relationship, they can be confused or think that it’s their fault. This is something that is best left to a therapist, and you may need to get this started as soon as a custody battle begins.

You need to follow any rules that are set up, and if you don’t think they are fair, that doesn’t give you the right to break them. For instance, if you are told you can only see your children every other weekend, do not show up on a random day and try to take them somewhere. This can get you into big trouble and take away even more of your rights when it comes to seeing them. Instead, when you think something isn’t fair, you should consult your lawyer to work with you so you can deal with the problem in a legal manner.

Being responsible with child custody is essential because you don’t’ want to hurt the children involved. Sometimes the other party just can’t be reasoned with. Sometimes they will be evasive, untrusting or even beliggerant. Whatever the circumstance, caring, sensitive and knowledgeable professionals can guide you through this unsettling quagmire.

Laws and protective government policies are in place to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Call us for guidance on navigating through the confusion and anxiety to help you keep your child or children while shielding them from the pain.

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