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Data Recovery – A Forensic Data-Loss Life-Saver

Computer Data Recovery

Losing data is one of the most painful things ever, especially when you lose important files on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Many individuals, businesses, nonprofits and government entities have suffered major losses after they could not recover their data. This is a common threat today, so there is a critical nee for solutions to help you prevent any loss of data.

Civil or criminal investigations are often roadblocked by deleted or hidden/locked computer files or damaged equipment. Investigators know that there are professional services that can perform near miracles today to recover seemingly lost data.

The bad news is that there is always a risk of losing data, however well-protected you believe that data to be. And more and more in today’s world, the loss of data is the result of a deliberate hack attack that can be massive and extremely difficult to recover from.

The good news is that there is something you can do about it. It is important to know how it is done and what you are supposed to do in case you find your data lost. Too often, people freak out and try different “fixes” that can make matters worse.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to never attempt to do important data recovery on your own. You will be risking a lot since the process is complex and a wrong move cannot be corrected. There are some people who will tell you to shake the hard drive, put it on the freezer and other crazy suggestions.

Doing this means you may never recover your data, even if you take it to a professional. The simplest solution is calling us to help you. This will drastically increase the chance of recovering your data.

Trying to recover data without the right knowledge means you may be doing more harm than fixing. What you know might not work in every situation. Instead of going to your friend and risking data loss, call our specialists to help you.

There are many different factors that can lead to data loss. Some of the common factors include software failure, human error, hardware failure, damaged caused by water/floods, power related problems, virus damage, heat/smoke. Whatever reason, there is a chance to recover your data whether it’s from your computer or phone.

Our tech specialists will determine the damage and what can be done. There are specific techniques used for different devices or hard drives. The different techniques also yield different results, meaning we will end up choosing the one that has the highest chance of success.

Once you contact us, you will be instructed how to handle the hard drive or phone to ensure no further damage happens. Following these instructions carefully will ensure a better chance of getting your data back, and avoid the stress that data loss can create.

Other services include legal monitoring of employee computers, discovery of malicious files, hidden or deleted emails, images or software that has been installed without authorization, password recovery, employee monitoring for inappropriate computer use, sexual harassment or suspected theft of proprietary data.

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