Proving Infidelity, That A Spouse Is Cheating, Is Hard.


Most of the time, marital infidelity is a strictly private matter. It’s sorted out behind closed doors with the guilty being punished by their spouse privately. Still, when it finds its way into the courts, proving marital unfaithfulness with
documented, unbiased and credible evidence can be a daunting task.

Documenting marital unfaithfulness is not an easy process on anyone, and seeking professional outside help should be well thought out. But when you’re ready, be sure to call us for sensitive and professional help. Using sophisticated monitoring and surveillance techniques, as well as advanced technology, we can document unfaithful behavior in such a way that it will stand up in court – if court is necessary.

Privacy is a concept that is rapidly dying out. Our electronic communications are becoming ever easier to monitor and track. Oftentimes, even our most intimate electronic interactions disappear in a sea of digital white noise. However, an investigator trained with advanced technology tools can track an individual’s online interactions with pinpoint accuracy.

Deleted text messages can be retrieved. Website registries can be combed for specific email addresses. The length of phone calls can be determined from publicly available phone records and investigators can pretend to be potential lovers online to ensnare potential cheaters. While some of these methods skirt the line between legal and illegal surveillance, and may not automatically be admissible in a court of law, it can in many cases becoming damning evidence against a cheating spouse if collected by an unbiased private investigator.

Old-fashioned shoe leather and lower-tech surveillance methods, tried and true since the beginnings of the private investigations industry, also can work wonders for proving a spouse has been untrue. Usually, cheaters create cover stories to conceal their suspicious activities. A skilled investigator can follow a person without being detected and take evidence, such as photographs or video recordings if the professional notices something that may be useful in proving unfaithfulness, in or out of a court room. Hiring a skilled detective can be important in this regard, as an unskilled private investigator may tip the cheater off to your suspicions.

Marital unfaithfulness is painful, true, but not knowing and being the last to find out what everyone already knows can be even more painful. Hiring a private investigator to discern your partner’s loyalty can end the uncertainty once and for all, as well as provide a rock solid body of evidence in any resulting court proceedings. And, with livelihoods and children on the line, proving infidelity can make all the difference in the world.

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