Lie Detection

Why And When To Use A Lie Detector Test

Administering A Lie Detector TestIn many legal cases, evidence is often not conclusive. The only possible way to find out the truth is through the use of a lie detection service called a polygraph. This test is used widely to solve issues of truthfulness in legal matters, and often when there is not a legal dispute.

When performed properly, the results will come out 90 to 95% accurate. This area requires experience from the investigator, and compels clients to be vigilant in hiring an expert who will perform the detection to achieve the best results.

Steps In Performing A Lie Detector Test

1. The party who pursues a lie detection exam must decide first on what arrangement to be used, since all the questions in a single polygraph scheme must relate to a single topic.

2. When the party has decided on the topic, the next step is to choose a qualified and reliable examiner. It’s important to keep in mind that the hiring process should be taken very seriously, since the accuracy of the results is mostly based on making wise, first decisions.

3. Once the client has identified the right examiner, he/she must convince the person who is to be examined into engaging in a polygraph exam, urging him/her to speak about the particular chosen topic.

In any metropolitan area there are many reasons to use a lie detector in legal cases, but for many other issues as well. For clients to make wiser decisions and protect themselves, they must ensure that the examiner they hire has acquired a license from the American Polygraph Association. Be sure you select carefully the expert you will trust for this important test. The truth is often very difficult to find in emotional cases. So interview carefully and choose wisely.

Our lie detection pros are experts in the field. When you call us, you can expect a sensitive and professional review of the circumstances that have led to the test, and a totally unbiased and impartial administration of the test to achieve the truth. Call us for a free private, no-obligation consultation.

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