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Administering A Lie Detector TestUsing A Lie Detector Test In Infidelity Cases

In infidelity cases, often it is difficult, or almost impossible, to find truth. Lying and hiding are an everyday skill practiced over time. Sometimes only a lie detector test, also known as a polygraph, is the most reliable way to get to the truth – especially if the relationship deteriorates to the point that accusations lead to a court appearance.

This test is used widely to solve relationship issues. So much emotion can cloud the pursuit of truth – requiring the intervention of unbiased technology to bring truth to light.

3  Categories Of Relationship Testing

1. Cheating or infidelity is determined by asking questions regarding whether or not one partner has been involved in sexual activities with someone other than his/her wife/husband within a specific period of time. Questions in this category include kissing, dating and sexual intercourse with a named or unnamed individual.

2. Non-physical sexual activities are also grounds for a relationship examination. For instance, a polygraph is used to verify infidelity through engaging in dating websites, chat rooms, pornographic sites or cybersex, and even communicating with past girlfriends/boyfriends,or frequenting strip clubs.

3. One partner’s history is determined by delving into his/her past and current issues. The data relating to personal history can be utilized by detectives to assess his/her partner´s sexual background, drug or alcohol usage, unwarranted financial behavior, or health issues, specifically STDs.

When done properly, the results are remarkably accurate, often up to 90 or 95%. The most important variable in lie detection is the skill and experience of the examiner. So it is critical to make certain that the examiner chosen possesses the skill and experience needed to rely on the results.

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