Missing Person – What To Do First

Missing Person Or Persons – What To Do First

Missing Spouse In DespairMissing persons are adults, a spouse or a child who has not been seen by anyone that knows them for an extended period of time. This could be due to the person just hiding out, being a runaway or something bad could have happened, like a kidnapping. To find someone that’s missing, here are some guidelines:

Remember not to get too overwhelmed. You are going to have to stay calm and work on documenting specific details about the person that is missing. If you haven’t seen them for 24 hours or so, call the police and see how long of a time it takes for them to let you file a missing report on a person. If it’s still going to take some time, you can work on trying to find them yourself. However, if they do want to do a report, you have to calm down and be able to tell them everything you know.

Social media is a great tool to try to find someone. If they live with you, try to see if they are still logged into any devices or computers that may have been left on. You may be able to find out that they were going somewhere by reading their messages or you can figure out what their plan was. If they have a phone that they left behind, check their last text messages. Sometimes they may take their phone, which is a good thing, because, eventually, if they are missing long enough, the phone company can trace where they last were with the phone on.

Speak to everyone you can that knows the person that’s missing. You need to let them know that nothing will happen to them telling you the truth. When people run away or something happens, like a kidnapping, sometimes people don’t want to talk because they don’t want to get hurt for telling. If someone did kidnap or do something to a person that is illegal, let others know they will get in trouble if they know something and they don’t talk.

If you are unable to find the person quickly, contact a private investigator. Private detectives have the experience and expertise in deploying creative and strategic ways to find a missing child or adult. You may also be reluctant to involve the police because of privacy or other issues and would prefer discreet handling of the investigation.

People go missing all the time, for many reasons. Don’t assume the worst. Stay calm and contact the police and/or an investigator to apply the maximum resources to the search as quickly as possible. Speed counts.

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