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A Theft Investigation Can Get Your Property Back

Identity theft and Social Security card

Do you want to start a theft investigation because you have had something important stolen – your property or your identity? There are a lot of ways to get your stolen property back, depending on what it is. Here you can learn some common steps that you will have to take to get this process started.

The first thing to remember is that when people are stealing from you in person, don’t try to stop the situation if you’re not prepared. For instance, if you see people carrying valuables out of your home or office in the middle of the night in masks, you don’t want to confront them. Call the police and hide. If someone is willing to steal from you in this way, then they may likely be carrying a weapon. Your life is worth more than whatever the property is they’re taking from you.

One of the best ways to ensure the best chance of recovery is to document identifying information on all your property worth stealing. Serial numbers, descriptions, identifying marks can all be invaluable information to police or private investigators trying to recover your stolen property. Ideally, store the information where it will not be found in a robbery (Don’t just file it in a folder on your computer that may be stolen as well).

If you have a laptop or digital device that lets you install apps, install a GPS app that let you find out where your device is if someone turns it on and goes online. So if someone steals your laptop or phone, you can wait for them to get online and send the police to where they are.

When you notice that you’re the victim of theft, contact the authorities immediately, as well your insurance company if appropriate. And, if authorities are proceeding too slow, or you prefer a more discreet handling of your investigation, call us for a free, private no-obligation consultation.

Our investigators are experienced with all forms of theft – house or office robbery, employee theft, shoplifting, identity theft, corporate or industrial theft or espionage. Successful investigations begin with prompt, professional fact-gathering, data analysis and a targeted pursuit plan to find the thieves and recover your property.

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